• The Doomsday series (Tearing, Enduring, and Flickering) is now FINALLY finished
  • Vacant Past is now finished
  • There are five new short stories on my figment and Tablo (Edicts, Kadar, Rursus Ea, Accidentally Aware, and Have Been)



Historical Fiction!

In working on two historical fiction books right now! Try Outs(1895) and my new On the Beat(1944)

Check them out!

Grammar Day! (haha)

Today I have updated the following novel’s of mine: Tearing, and Vacant Memory on Tablo, I did the grammar fixes on figment a few days ago and now I decided would be a good day to put it on Tablo. So, this is just a small update.

But! look forward to more chapters in Enduring, Vacant Past (On figment), and Try Outs

16cff72a-7ccc-462e-b7ea-778e9758543aVacant Past BOOK COVERENDURING

Upcoming Doomsday Series

Hey-o Readers! (My Tablo, and Figment readers, and future readers)

On my profile on Figment and Tablo I have a book called Enduring.


Figment Link: http://figment.com/books/908501-Enduring

Tablo Link: https://tablo.io/coral-vaci/the-last-years

For now I only have the prologue done because I am currently working on another book called Vacant Past book two to my book Vacant Memory.

So After Vacant Past is done I will work on the doomsday series. It will be three books. So Look out for the prequel which is going to called Tearing, then I will work more on Enduring, last book will be called Flickering.

Here is my Synopsis on The Prequel; Tearing.


It’s time for the United Nations Convention again. But are the nation’s really united? Rumors and possibilities of war are forming between Russia and America.

Two people. An unlikely team.

A proud American man, and a dignified Russian woman team up and try to mend the two countries, with help of course.

What if they fail?

Statics say, World War Three

(If your Russian I mean no offence to you ^_^ I only want world peace and I’ve been wanting to make a doomsday book anyway. It dosent matter what nation you come from I see us all as equal. =D)

Thank you Readers! and Even future Readers for checking up for updates! I REALLY appreciate it!

Hello Readers!

I thought I’d make an account through word-press to share my updates!

So for this first post I’ll just do the basics (LOL)

Finished books of mine to read:

My Upcoming Books:

  • Tearing, Enduring, Flicking (A Series!)
  • A Moment
  • Stepping Out
  • Oneironaut

MY TABLO: https://tablo.io/coral-vaci

Thanks for reading the next post will be more interesting! Please follow me(if you can) for support and ask for email updates on more updates!

Thank you so much guys!