Upcoming Doomsday Series

Hey-o Readers! (My Tablo, and Figment readers, and future readers)

On my profile on Figment and Tablo I have a book called Enduring.


Figment Link: http://figment.com/books/908501-Enduring

Tablo Link: https://tablo.io/coral-vaci/the-last-years

For now I only have the prologue done because I am currently working on another book called Vacant Past book two to my book Vacant Memory.

So After Vacant Past is done I will work on the doomsday series. It will be three books. So Look out for the prequel which is going to called Tearing, then I will work more on Enduring, last book will be called Flickering.

Here is my Synopsis on The Prequel; Tearing.


It’s time for the United Nations Convention again. But are the nation’s really united? Rumors and possibilities of war are forming between Russia and America.

Two people. An unlikely team.

A proud American man, and a dignified Russian woman team up and try to mend the two countries, with help of course.

What if they fail?

Statics say, World War Three

(If your Russian I mean no offence to you ^_^ I only want world peace and I’ve been wanting to make a doomsday book anyway. It dosent matter what nation you come from I see us all as equal. =D)

Thank you Readers! and Even future Readers for checking up for updates! I REALLY appreciate it!


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