Hello Readers!

I thought I’d make an account through word-press to share my updates!

So for this first post I’ll just do the basics (LOL)

Finished books of mine to read:

My Upcoming Books:

  • Tearing, Enduring, Flicking (A Series!)
  • A Moment
  • Stepping Out
  • Oneironaut

MY TABLO: https://tablo.io/coral-vaci

Thanks for reading the next post will be more interesting! Please follow me(if you can) for support and ask for email updates on more updates!

Thank you so much guys!


10 thoughts on “Hello Readers!

  1. Hi, NJ here, fellow figgy 😛 The name I was known for on Figment will change to NJ so I would appreciate if you called me by that in further comments 🙂 I looked at Underlined as well and there’s nothing for us to move to :/ I’m hoping they aren’t gonna chicken out on it and make the site like they promised.

    Anyway, thanks for the likes on my articles :0 So much activity I was wondering who it was XD Glad to see a fellow figgy around here 🙂

    Also, I see you still have your Figment account linked 😛

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh! Sorry about the name thing, NJ it is! 😉

      I was thinking the same thing about Underlined, that they might just chicken out and never make that new writing home for us and we figgies are left
      with no place to go! o-O

      Your welcome, I absolutely LOVE your blog – it’s so well made! Mine is uh– honestly kinda terrible I was a couple years younger when I made this and apparently didn’t think about a lot of things. XD

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Okay! 😀 Just wondering, does wattpad have a private chat? Or something like a talk page from Figment? I’m really thinking of joining wattpad – maybe Booksie too. 🙂


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